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On this page you can find the latest version of the book for download. Before you do, please note these points:

  • the book is free and can be given to anyone who would like a copy
  • the same is true of the scene files and add-ons
  • the copyright of both book and add-ons remains with the author

About the author, Steve Pedler

I was the sole developer for the first version of XP released in 2012 (though the original idea for it was not mine) and as it grew and the company expanded I remained in a senior developer position until early 2021.

This is the book I always wanted to write to accompany XP, but what with other things - you know, stuff like actually coding the software and writing the reference manual - there was never time to do it. Now that I have that time, this book is the result.

The book is, and will always remain, free of charge. There is no intention or desire to make money from it. Although I’m no longer working to develop XP and the proportion of my code in it will inevitably reduce over time, I still regard XP as my baby. This book is, if you will, a labour of love.

Download the latest version

This book is being published in stages as it is written. Electronic publishing gives the freedom to do that; from my point of view, it removes the pressure of deadlines which deadens the enjoyment of writing and from your position it means that the book is published sooner, even if not yet complete.

What this means is that you should check back here from time to time to make sure that it hasn't been updated. The book's version and release date can be found on the first page of the book, and you can compare that with the version number below to check for updates.

There are example files to go with many of the chapters in the book. These files (arranged by chapter) can be downloaded from this page.

Current version

The current version is 1.4, released April 21st 2023.

Download the book (.pdf format, 24 Mb)

Page last updated April 21st 2023