Example scenes

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Most chapters in the book have one or more example scenes provided. These are contained in separate archive files for each chapter. The book links directly to these files for download, but you can also access them on this page.

Example scene files

Chapter 1 (.zip format, 56K)

Chapter 3 (.zip format, 414K)

Chapter 4 (.zip format, 918K)

Chapter 5 (.zip format, 327K)

Chapter 6 (.zip format, 272K)

Chapter 7 (.zip format, 85K)

Chapter 8 (.zip format, 91K)

Chapter 9 (.zip format, 723K)

Chapter 10 (.zip format, 14.8Mb)

Chapter 11 (.zip format, 0.9Mb)

Chapter 12 (.zip format, 1.22Mb)

Chapter 13 (.zip format, 1.48Mb)

Chapter 14 (.zip format, 146K)

Chapter 15 (.zip format, 89K)

Chapter 16 (.zip format, 2.83Mb)

Chapter 17 (.zip format, 2.31Mb)

Page last updated April 21st 2023