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This plugin fills a small gap in the capabilities of the current version of X-Particles. At present there is no way to 'jiggle' a particle around its position in the same manner as the Cinema 4D Vibrate tag. That tag, if attached to an emitter, will merely change the position of the emitter itself and not the particles.

Jiggling the particle position can be a useful feature in some scenes, so this plugin was written to provide this functionality.


This is not a product of Insydium Ltd. They cannot answer questions about it, add options to it, or fix bugs in it, so please do not approach them about the plugin. If you
discover a problem or have a suggestion to make about it, you can contact the author through the XP Book website.


The plugin interface looks like this:


Here are two screenshots showing first the default random jiggle and then the same settings but with 'Oscillate Position' turned on:

This animation shows the sort of effect that can be achieved. There are two emitters; one uses a Text spline as the emission source and the other emitter spawns from those particles. Each emitter has its own jiggle plugin with slightly different settings to give the flickering effect:

The scene file for this animation can be downloaded here. It is compatible with C4D R19 and later.

Installation and use

Details can be found in the plugin download archive file, and includes instructions for how to install and use the plugin.


The plugin can be downloaded as a single .zip file from the link below. Versions are provided for Windows and macOS. However, please note that this plugin has NOT been tested on machines using the Apple M1 processor; it is possible that it will not run on such machines.

This plugin requires Cinema 4D R19 or later. It will not run correctly - and may crash - on earlier versions of Cinema 4D.

Download the plugin (.zip format, 146K)

(This file contains the latest version of all the plugins written for the book, so you don't need to download them individually.)